Regulations for all competitions at the Five Lakes Film Festival

1) It is the objective of the Five Lakes Film Festival (FSFF) to provide publicity and support to young German-speaking cinema as art and entertainment and to foster and acknowledge German-speaking film in the sense of a cinema of diversity, innovation, commitment and especially quality.

2) Only feature films can compete for the „Five Lakes Film Award“

3) Accordingly, in this category of the Five Lakes Film Festival seven films from German-spraking countries compete with the objective to
a) foster the work of filmmakers who make movies in the sense of the afore mentioned principles diversity, innovation, commitment and quality, who are not necessarily commited to economic success and therefore may be struggling for financial support
b) give a forum especially to young directors and debut films in the meaning of paragraph 1. The local character of the festival as the most important film festival in Upper Bavaria can be reflected in the jurys’ decisions.

4) A voluntary jury, consisting of five member representing film industry, cinema, cultural life, journalism and civil society bestow the Five Lakes Film Award. The members of the jury are not part of in the festival competing productions nor have they any economic interest in their distribution.

5) Additionally, the festival grants the following awards that are chosen in distinct sections within the festival program:

a) A voluntary jury, consisting of three established filmmakers, grants the Young Filmmaker Award. The jury can exclusively honor debut films, filmmakers who distinguish themselves through creativity, innovation and commitment in their field of art and who show themselves worth fostering their endeavour.

b) A voluntary jury decides on the Horizons Award for special social commitment in cinema, for films that perform a great service for peace, freedom, justice and coherent coexistence.

c) The jury of the Youth Film Prize consists of adolescents and adults. The prize aims to support films treating with the matters and concerns of young adults with a special focus on images and their message to the target group.

d) Short Film Award – Golden Firefly
Viewers’ choice award. In this category films with a length UP TO 20 minutes can be admitted to the competition. The short films are preferably exercises and works by filmstudents and young German directors. We want to offer a stage for the first contact between the artist and his or her audience.

6) All winners are additionally awarded with a prize money.

7) Films can be submitted which
a) were produced no longer than two years before the festival they’re submitted for competition to,
b) are produced in the formats 35mm and DVD. However, submission of an additional copy on DVD is mandatory.

8) The deadline for submission is aproximately 10 weeks ahead of the festival, a key date will be issued by the festival organizer. It lies in the organizer’s discretion to extend the deadline on a case to case basis.

9) The selection of films that will be admitted to the competitions is made by the organizers in accordance with the present regulations and the self-conception of FSFF.

10) The juries, as regards contents, appraise on the basis of their own regulations, according to the self-conception of the festival and the objectives and framework set out in paragraphs 1) through 5).

11) When entering deliberations, the members of the jury should have seen all competing productions in full length to be able to come to fair and balanced decisions.

12) Jury meetings are headed by the „heads of juries“, previously appointed by the festival organizer.

13) After thorough deliberations, discussions and votes, the juries come to a decision in their final meetings. Awarded are the films that gather the majority of the votes of the respective jury. If that is not the case, a runoff will be held.

14) The heads of juries inform the organizer about their decision on the winners of the respective awards and award them during the official award ceremony.

15) Award-winning films can and should display the FSFF signet in their distribution and merchandise material.

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